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Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Tim Story: Lunz 3

Lunz 3

Lunz 3

Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Tim Story: Lunz 3
Released: 30 June 2019

Lunz 3 (69’23”) makes our collection of contemporary music one masterpiece richer. Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Tim Story do sound great on their own, but transcendent together. Through a unique intuition their collaboration leaves enough room not only for one another, but also for moments of tenderness and light. It is a dream team-up that is by turns searching enough to elicit some head-scratching, yet gutting enough to bring a listener to tears – sometimes in the span of a single composition. In the yawn of years since the issue of the original Lunz (2002) this duo has strived to become more worthy of their craft. Lunz 3, bathed in the autumnal light of time remembered, is partly a studio re-imagining of the earlier tracks, but to some extent a fresh new endeavor. Building on ideas and themes from the prior release, Roedelius and Story easily re-inhabit the gentle gravity of their Ambient Chamber Music. The musical gestures encountered here again feel straightforward and uncomplicated. By combining vague classical influences with weightless spacemusic, they conjure up a safe zone – an odd area where the notes may stay the same but their meaning is ever changing. With the pianos, cellos and violins engaging in lovely melodic substance, an ethereal sonic invention adds instruction-less puzzles. Bringing fragrance into the listener’s solitude an imaginative assortment of samples, gentle distortion and other detailed effects move these 18 key-centered pieces, by root progressions, each to their own perfect resolution. With wit and wisdom in every tone Roedelius and Story realize their quiet, hand-played works. Fundamental is the thought that people may be reached, that beauty can make a difference. Due to its expansive promise their music seems inexhaustible – as the musicians and their listeners are constantly seeking more from it. Lunz 3 opens a rare space for peace, thought and warmth. It is as powerfully effective as instrumental storytelling gets – flowing with the solemn, blissful insistence of life itself. From a slow chill and friendly sweetness, to the feeling of leaving Earth, or even the sense of coming home, for the duration of this album we get to live in a realm that we can make sense of.

Chuck van Zyl/STAR’S END18 September 2019

Story/Roedelius: Lazy Arc

Lazy Arc

Lazy Arc

Lazy Arc by Story/Roedelius
Released: 1 August 2014

Being creative, is it just being different? Or is it about the volume of ideas, and the quality of the product of those ideas? Lazy Arc (53’18”) is the divergent production of Tim Story and Hans-Achim Roedelius. Each man, whose genius may not soon be replicated, comes from a zone of his own – and takes us places we cannot get to with anyone else. Outsiders to this music will have to learn how to listen to it – how to be still, how to hear. In a harmony of opposite tensions Lazy Arc leads us to a world deeper and more ornately textured than we could ever have imagined. Its vast designs realize a few sharp edges but mostly a strong delicate darkness. Somehow connected to the two previous Story/Roedelius Ambient-Chamber collaborations Lunz (2002) and Inlandish (2008) Lazy Arc (2014) inhabits a realm of heart rending piano motifs, synthesizer thought tones and digital manipulations of sound. In this dream of a work the seven parts lilt, chatter, moan, stumble and rumble their way across one of the oddest and most beautiful soundspaces ever realized. There is this wonderful interplay between the natural soundings of the piano and a subconscious electrical deviousness that engulfs, surrounds, enshrouds, obscures, torments and enhances this most elegant narration. While the mind mess of sound collage may pose hard questions to the listener, please remember that we need this. Too much of today’s music is spitefully dissonant, or crude – either that or lacking any mystery whatsoever. Lazy Arc requires more than mechanistic explanation. It is a profound and intimate sonic statement meant to enhance the life of the musicians through creative endeavor. That we outsiders have been allowed access places us among the privileged.

(Chuck van Zyl/STAR’S END11 September 2014)