Node: Singularity

by starsendradio


Node: Singularity
Released: 17 March 2023

For some reason this music was left behind. Captured in studio sessions live to two-track way back in December 1994, these works by Node (Ed Buller, Flood, Dave Bessell and Gary Stout) have been revealed 29 years after their realization on Singularity (67:00). Six tracks, each with a foundation solidly in the Berlin-School, it furthers a form of 1970s music whose power has never been fully comprehended. Engaging from start to finish Singularity is tightly plotted and vividly rendered, and feels innovative to this day. In the dangerous company of electrical current and synthetic sounds we walk close with our dreams. While Node always exhibits a meticulous sense of control, this album does provide a few wild shifts. Withdrawn, then indelibly, impossibly cool, broken chords stride forward – with surreal details multiplying as the story gradually darkens. Radiating a blissful, wistful chill, the audience is repeatedly positioned for the moment when sequencer statements emerge, engage and motor outward. Building on themselves, the cycling, heated notes become expansive and staggering in their sweep. Amidst the rattling pattering play of tones we encounter a pulsating pattern energy animating the arrangements headlong into where shadows play. Often emotionally potent, such moments resound marvelously on their own. A seeker’s soul makes each of the musicians in this quartet a fine vessel for big ideas. Singularity does what all great works of art do, it makes space for contemplation. In the listening brainscape, nerves that fire together wire together – blessing us with a lasting relationship to truth and reality.

Chuck van Zyl/STAR’S END23 March 2023